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 FOOD Matters



Meet Caitlynn

Holistic Health Coach 

Whole Food Advocate 

Retreat Corrdinator

Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Ever Ask yourself, why you eat what you eat? Your daily intake should help you feel absolutely incredible- and if it doesn’t its time to switch it up to find what really works for you.

“Diet” is not a fixed notion, as you grow and evolve, so should your eating habits. Choosing to eat for health and longevity instead of desire and flavor is one of the hardest commitments we can make. Healing your relationship with diet and food itself, can be a difficult journey to walk alone. Learning how to listen to your body, adopt new eating habits, cut out toxic ingredients, and understand how to cook and eat for longevity is a transition that takes patience, dedication and willingness. Working with a health coach to help guide you and keep you accountable for your health goals can bring powerful support to your transformation jounrey. Together, we can build a better understanding of commercial food culture, and pivot to a path exploring nutritious WHOLE foods that work for you. 

If working with a Health Coach is in alignment for you, 

Please book a Consultation to discover how we can support you! 

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