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Pressure Point Massage


Offering private in home visits for local Baldwin Park, Winter Part, Downtown Orlando. 




Feel better so you can move better. General tension body relief. Muscles in our bodies can hold tension due to either/both emotions and/or physical stress. Relaxing (Swedish style massage)  allows release of tension held in muscle and fascia, reduces stress levels and allows the mind to be at full health. 

Thai Massage

Enjoy a traditional Thai Massage handed down from an ancient family practice of Eastern medicine. A fully clothed relaxing massage which includes techniques to reduce muscle tension along energy channel lines with a combination of stretching techniques to promote vitality and longevity, allowing you to move better, feel better.  

Muscle Tension Release


(Deep Tissue)

Deeper pressure (also known as deep tissue) will help relax and reduce muscle "knots," trigger points, "kinks," tight or restricted muscles, promoting circulation, freedom of motion and better performance. Pressure applied is client specific and can be adjusted according to tissues restriction and pain tolerance. You will have a sense of freedom in your body, relaxation, better movement and feel better.

Lymphatic Massage


Chair Massage - Mobile and available for events, gatherings, or on the go needs. 

Sport Massage

(Tension Release with Stretching)

Combining massage with passive stretching of joints will effectively reduce tension, reduce tissue restriction, increase range of motion in joints and allow a sense of relaxation and freedom in the body. During the session, massage technique will help reduce tissue restriction, promote circulation while adding passive stretching techniques to promote mobility; feel better, move free, move better then move often. 

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